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Entry & Exit Procedures


1)   On using the entry code or card, THE HIRER becomes the RESPONSIBLE         PERSON for Security, Health and Safety, Fire and First Aid.

2)   Entry is via the Front Door once the code or card is recognised.  If using a code each person entering will need to enter the code.  If using a card you can choose to hold the door unlocked by placing your card in the internal reader.

Access is only allowed from 15 mins before Hire time to 15 mins after Hire Time.

3)   To enable the Hall lighting system and Air Conditioning place the card Marked Hall Lighting in the card switch.

4)   The kitchen door is for normal entry and exit as well as an Emergency Exit and is fitted with two Thumb Turn Security Bolts as well as the Emergency Exit Push Bar.  At the start of your Hire Period please rotate them both Anticlockwise to Unlock.

5)   The Main Hall Double Door is Emergency Exit only, but is fitted with Two Thumb Turn Security Bolts.  At the start of your Hire period please rotate them both Clockwise to Unlock.

6)   Locking Up is carried out in the reverse order.

7)   Ensure that the Kitchen Door is pulled closed and rotate the top and bottom Security Bolts Clockwise to Lock.

8)   Check that the “Emergency Double Doors” in the Main Hall are correctly closed and rotate the top and bottom security bolts Anticlockwise to Lock.

9)   Check that all opening windows are correctly closed, including kitchen and toilets.

10) Check that all electrical devices that you have switched on are switched off.

11) Remove the card from the card reader (the entry lobby lights stay on).

12) Leave the hall by the front door, after 10 seconds the red light will light on the keypad and the door will lock.